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Belly Dancing Report

On 28 February 2023, a group of members enjoyed a lively but relaxing morning in Chippenham learning all about Belly Dancing from the lovely Sahara Sisters.

There was coffee and cake on arrival, then we were given a bit of history and a chance to look at some of the dresses which would normally be worn for dancing: quite different from the cabaret-style costume, which was also on display, and which is what the uninitiated would generally think of when hearing the term “Belly Dancing”.

The dancers demonstrated Belly Dancing, Bollywood-style dancing and Hawaiian Hula: there are many similarities in the steps of each.

We were taught a sequence of steps leading to our “performance” of a simple, but effective dance routine. It was a really enjoyable and well-organised event.

- Submitted by Pam Loosmore - WFWI Vice-chair


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