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Message from WFWI Chair: Lesley Holdway

The Board of Trustees have kindly voted me in as Chair again this year. As we go into a second lockdown, I want to encourage you to use the phone, a chat a day to members can cheer them up. We are going to be very challenged during the winter with our membership and meetings. I know a lot of WIs are using Zoom for meetings, craft groups, book clubs and this is wonderful. We were encouraging a buddy system but for the time being, this cannot be done face to face except one to one in an out door public place. It is possible to phone in to a Zoom meeting, using one of the following +44 203 901 7895, +44 131 460 1196 or +44 203 051 2874 it will then ask you to enter the meeting ID followed by hash key. If you follow the instructions you can then hear and join in with the meeting.

I hope some of you can manage to join in and let members who do not have the technology know how they can join in.

At Wiltshire Federation we are using Zoom more for members, we have several events coming up and do encourage you to take part where you can.

Resolution Selection Meeting 2 - 4pm 2nd December 2020 £3 per device

A Christmas Celebration 2 - 4pm 7th December 2020 £3 per device

Modern Slavery 7.30 - 8.30pm 11th January 2021 £5 per device

Hexagon Flower Gardens Patchwork & More 7 - 8pm 21st January 2021 £5 per device

Bagels & Bacon 10.30 - 12.30pm 10th February 2021 £5 per device

There will be more so keep a lookout.

2021 will also be our BoT election year, we do encourage and challenge you to think about joining our merry band of members who are here to help run the Federation. If you are interested and want a chat about what is involved or would like to visit us via a virtual meeting, you would be most welcome. We also have four committees that plan events and meet bimonthly, if you might be interested in joining one of them, again please contact myself or any other BoT Member and we will explain what they do. For example the Public Affairs committee oversees events related to WI campaign issues, resolutions and all topics of public interest from developments in science to mental health. Members are welcome to join the WI Advisers team, initially as assistants, with a view to becoming an Adviser. I can honestly say there is nothing more satisfying to this role than opening up a new WI and helping it grow into a successful group.

Please stay safe but remember fellowship is an important part of our objectives so please stay in touch with your members.

- Lesley Holdway [email protected]


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