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Online Booking Now Available

The Wiltshire Federation is pleased to announce that there is now online booking available for Federation events. TryBooking has been chosen as the online ticketing platform due to its cost effective and easy-to-use event ticketing.

A video has been made to assist with understanding the new ticketing procedure. Click HERE to view the video.

There is a charge of 15p per ticket in addition to the ticket price to be able to use the online platform but it is much cheaper than the 85p for a stamp on an envelope!

The staff at WI House will still be able to take cheques or BACS if WIs need to pay in this manner. It is hoped that the new way to book will make it easier for individual members to attend Federation events.

The WHAT'S ON page of the Federation website will be updated after the monthly mailings have gone out to ensure that the most recent events are listed. If your WI Secretary has not yet been able to pass along the current mailings to you (some WI meetings are held at the end of the month) then check the website on the first week of the month for new additions to the event calendar.

If you are having difficulty making a booking for an event, please contact the Federation Secretary at [email protected].


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