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People in the Park - New Sarum WI

People in the Park was held on Saturday 12th Sept at Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury and it was a community event organised by Salisbury Transition City (STC).

It was held in conjunction with the Salisbury City Council and Wiltshire Creative as an opportunity for people to get together, catch up and share a vision of a brighter future for Salisbury. There was music, entertainment and community activities with an emphasis on sustainability and the environment.

All social distancing protocols were strictly adhered to.

The New Sarum WI felt it was an ideal event for their WI, not only to have a recruitment drive, but to let people know what the WI stands for in 2020.

It was a great success for all concerned. Apart from the constant enquiries for cakes(!) we had 12 ladies show positive interest in joining our group. To date, 4 have signed up and a further 4 ladies are meeting with our recruitment team for an informal chat over an outdoor coffee.

New Sarum WI felt that the whole event was so positive that they have indicated that they would like to take part in next year's event, Covid-19 permitting.

- Submitted by Sue Luther, President, New Sarum WI


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