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Sunflower Challenge

Calling all WIs!!! Are you looking for an interesting challenge for your WI? How about a Sunflower Challenge?

Together TV is a charity and a community-owned channel available in 15 million households across the UK. They have just launched the Sunflower Challenge, a successful initiative that uses entry-level gardening to help people boost their wellbeing and connect with others.

Over 500 charities and community groups have been part of it so far. Over 100,000 people have individually registered in the last two editions and have been with us through a very engaging and heart warming 12-week journey.

Please find here access to the Toolkit that includes copy, assets and link to the landing page for you to use:

At the above link you can also find published posts on social media for you to share on your favourite platform.

If you would like more assets, ​​​feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to share further materials.

- Submitted by Francesca Aita - Together TV -


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