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Federation Teams

There are six teams: Adviser & Membership Team, Campaign Team, Craft & Leisure Team, Event Team, and Promo & Publicity Team, plus the Digital Team. WI members are always welcome to volunteer to serve on one of the Teams or to send in ideas for different events and activities so that new ideas can be explored. 

Craft & Leisure Team

Blank - trustee.png

Shauna Bodman

Craft & Leisure Team Chair

Craft & Leisure Team Members:

Madelaine Flight (Secretary)

Lesley Adam

Kate Crawford

Louise Hall

Sarah Knee

Fiona McDowall

Sue Nash

Stephanie Pawling

Anne Smith

Janet Thompson

Adviser & Membership Team

Elma Lawer Trustee.png

Elma Lawer

Adviser & Membership Team Chair

Membership Team Members:

Lesley Holdway (Adviser)

Amy Middleton (Adviser)

Christine Walker (Adviser)

Alison Comlay (Adviser)

Lesley Holdway Chair.png

Lesley Holdway

Campaign Team Chair

Campaign Team Members:

Susan Jonas
(Vice Chair, Resolutions
and ACWW Rep)

Clare Firman-Ford

Pam Loosmore

Corinna Mazzotta

Ruth Nash

Event Team

Blank - trustee.png

Event Team Chair

New Speaker Secretary

Event Team Members:

Lesley Eacopo (Vice Chair)

Pauline Robertson (Secretary)

Terri Card

Katherine Fairgrieve

Mickey Fitzpatrick

Dreena Rutty

Rosemary Taylor

Heather Tubey

Promo & Publicity

Elma Lawer

Promo & Publicity
Team Co-Chair

Blank - trustee.png

Promo & Publicity 

Team Members:

Ruth Davies

Stephanie Pawling

Elma Lawer Trustee.png

Gillian Hinton

Promo & Publicity
Team Co-Chair

Digital Team

Ruth Davies Trustee.png

Ruth Davies


Digital Team Members:

Alison Comlay

Gill Gibson-Piggott

Lesley Holdway

Elma Lawer
Amy Middleton

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