Event Flyers

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July / August

Event: 2021.7.5
Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace

Event: 2021.7.27
New Speaker Day

Event: 2021.8
Scavenger Hunt

Event: 2021.8.10
Army Diversity

Event: 2021.8.18
Prince Albert

Event: 2021.8.31
Tawny Owls

Event: 2021.9.7&8
Officer Training

September / October

Event: 2021.9.11
Walking Netball

Event: 2021.9.13
Lawn Bowls Taster Event

Event: 2021.9.14
Nordic Walking

Event: 2021.9.22
Autumn Preserves

Event: 2021.9.28
Zip Around the Zodiac

Event: 2021.10.7
The Body Through the Porthole

Event: 2021.10.16

Event: 2021.10.26
Ditch the Plastic