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WFWI Event Forms and Documents

Documents from WI House

Events Summary June 2021

News & Info June 2021

Lockdown Life June 2021

Board of Trustees
Nomination Paper 2021/2023

Bulb Catalogue 2021

Bulb 2021 Order Form

Calendar Order Form 2021


Speakers List - (Zoom) Update for 2021

New Speakers Accepted January 2021

WFWI Insurance

Event: 2021.7.5
Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace

Event: 2021.7.6
Love Food: Hate Waste?

Event: 2021.6.24
Irish International Day

Event: 2021.7.27
New Speaker Day

Event: 2021.8.18
Prince Albert

Event: 2021.8.31
Tawny Owls

Event: 2021.8
Scavenger Hunt

Event: 2021.9.13
Lawn Bowls Taster Event

Event: 2021.9.14
Nordic Walking

Event: 2021.9.22
Autumn Preserves

Event: 2021.10.16

Event: 2021.9.28
Zip Around the Zodiac

Event: 2021.10.26
Ditch the Plastic

Documents from WFWI Advisers

WI Member Registration Form

WI Membership Fees

April 2021to March 2022

FAQs Meet the Advisers


Holding WI Annual Meetings


Membership Training Sessions 2020.09

Communication from Membership Committee 2020.09

Update from NFWI regarding Membership


WFWI Annual Meeting Wording Template


Documents from NFWI

Letter for WI Committees

regarding WI flexibility

Subscription Flexibility

Guidance - 2021.02

2020-21 Resolution Process Timetable

Memo to Federations - 

Resolution Results