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A Day at the Palace & A Night at the Oscars Talk Deadline for Signups!

Gillian Walnes-Perry MBE recounts her experience at Buckingham Palace and she also gives a behind the scenes look at Hollywood's Academy Awards for her Anne Frank's Legacy documentary.

We are honored to have the opportunity to hear the accounts of this speaker who has spoken on the BBC and had many speaking engagements around the world.

She started the Anne Frank Trust in 1990 and during her years at the organization she planned many national education campaigns and projects including the introduction of national Anne Frank Day, and the Anne Frank Declaration signed by world leaders and major celebrities.

As the deadline for this talk approaches (26 May 2021) it is important that you contact WI House to sign up!

This particular event promises to be very interesting so please contact your WI members and see who else may be interested in attending the morning talk on 2 June 2021 at 10.30am by Zoom virtual meeting.

If the relevant numbers for this talk are not met, the talk will need to be cancelled, so sign up today to ensure a strong turn out for this event. For queries and sign ups please contact WI House at [email protected] or telephone 01380 739340.

To view the flyer for this event, click here.

- Submitted by Daphne Atkinson, Events Chair WFWI, [email protected]


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