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Bedwyn WI's VE & VJ Celebrations

Bedwyn WI's September meeting was held in the Village Hall to celebrate the anniversary of VE and VJ Days. A spectacular sight greeted them with decorative bunting, displays of memorabilia and tables laid out for a feast of rations. All the lights were on and no "black out". Wonderful!

Many of the members were dressed in the fashion of the time and Helen, dressed as a Land Girl, won the prize. Elise had managed to get hold of a pair of seamed "Pretty Polly" stockings (held up with a suspender belt - who knows? Mike?) Jennie did not have the right black market contacts and her seams were drawn with a rather wiggly line.

Individually packed suppers included delicious Spam and Pan Yan sandwiches and even some fruit cake, chocolate and wine (don't ask, I'll tell you his name later).

This was followed by members relating stories of their parents wartime experiences, some funny, some sad, some romantic. Joan told her tale of being evacuated from London to Great Bedwyn and not seeing her mother for three years. This all prompted much discussion.

They finished the evening with a wartime quiz, which was won by Pam.

All in all they had a fabulous time. Thank you to those that made it possible.

- Submitted by Joy Ash, Bedwyn WI


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