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Big Breakfast - Bushton and Clyffe Pypard WI

Biannually, Bushton and Clyffe Pypard WI organise, cook and serve a Big Breakfast. Started years ago, this was initially a fund raiser but it has grown into a much-loved community event, usually taking place either end of the winter, often in November and March, always in the village hall. The most recent one was on Sunday 6 March 2022 and it was a good opportunity for local residents to meet and talk while enjoying a 'Full English Breakfast'.

Because of the current situation in Ukraine, they hoped they could use a raffle to raise some money in support of the Disasters Emergency Committee's appeal for humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine, and they were able to send £288.75 (including Gift Aid) to the appeal.

The morning is always hard work for a large number or the members, but well worth the effort. However, those who came for breakfast have asked if they could do it every month but unfortunately they are likely to be disappointed!

- Submitted by Sally Fox, Bushton and Clyffe Pypard WI


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