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Big Green Week - Sept 23rd

This year, the UK will be playing host to a series of pivotal diplomatic conferences that have the potential to drive forward climate ambition and give increased assistance to those people and places that are the most vulnerable to climate change. NFWI have many resources available for WIs to get involved. Follow this link to the MyWI page for more info on the WIs campaign for COP26.

There are also events, including the following, in which you might be interested. You can sign up by accessing the Eventbrite link. This event takes place on 23 September 2021 from 19:00 to 21:30 FREE

Hot Debate 5 Urgent Adaptation to the Climate Emergency: Time’s running out!

The event includes a wide array of excellent speakers on subjects such as:

  • How we should climate proof our housing and power supply

  • How to make our food supply resilient

  • Maintaining biodiversity and sustainable farming - etc

There will be opportunities to question all the panellists chaired by Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist and Head of Policy, Greenpeace


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