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Craftivism - WI Women in Activism using Craft

The NFWI Public Affairs team would like to invite WI members to take part in the new craft project WI Women in Activism.

The project involves creating procession banners or pennant flags, with the aim of featuring them in an NFWI online exhibition to mark International Women’s Day in March (8 March 2021) and using them in any future marches we attend once Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Whilst the deadline for projects to be used in the online exhibition is 5th March (for International Women’s Day), we do appreciate that some members will wish to spend more time on this. For this reason, we have asked for projects that will not be ready for this date to still be submitted after the deadline, as we aim to use them in any marches we attend, once the Covid-19 restrictions have eased.

The project offers WI members the chance to get involved in campaigns and stay active on issues they care about. The banner/flag could focus on a particular WI campaign or cover a range of campaigns. You could choose a single issue, and highlight particular elements of that issue (ie. climate change and the impacts on women) or create a banner highlighting all of the gender-focused issues that the WI campaigns on (e.g. equal pay, gender-based violence and women in politics).

Photographs of your completed banner/flag should be submitted to [email protected] by Friday 5th March 2021. The actual banner/flag is for you to keep.

What does the WI fight for?

What does campaigning mean to you?

What message are you trying to convey?

What do you stand for?

What future would you like to see for women?

You can find further information about how to create your project and how to submit your entry for the International Women’s Day online exhibition. If you have any questions, get in touch with the NFWI Public Affairs Team at [email protected] or visit the webpage

- Footnote by Ruth Davies, WFWI Trustee: If you've not heard of CRAFTIVISM before then you might be interested in the recent BBC episode with comedian Jenny Eclair which is available on the BBC iPlayer:

You do not need to shout to have your voice heard. Activists come with all types of voices and maybe craftivism is much more your style! Also, if you are interested in receiving the NFWI Public Affairs Digest then please visit and subscribe to the monthly e-update on all the latest WI campaigning news.


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