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Ellendune WI Christmas Celebrations

Being in touch with all their ladies is something the Ellendune WI have always done, but this year their Committee have gone beyond that. They have organized Zoom meetings and kept in touch through their “Buddy” system, whether it’s to wish their members a “Happy Birthday” or hoping they “Get Well Soon”. Any information they receive is then either emailed or phoned to them keeping them up to date.

It was decided that they would try to do something extra special for their members this past Christmas. Committee members went delivering a “Christmas meeting in a bag” (all wrapped especially for Christmas) to each and everyone of them. Sixty three in total! The elves had been busy wrapping and writing their cards and they felt they had to do a little something extra as their WI have just celebrated their 40th anniversary in lockdown! They couldn’t let it pass without giving their members something to celebrate it by. It was decided that they would make everyone (including the committee members) a red rose as a keepsake.

These were made by Hilary Care (President) & Frances Knight (Vice President ).

They delivered the bags during the week of 14th December and what a joy it was for the members to meet up (safely) and the committee members to listen to how they were coping. Everyone was very pleased to have WI contact at last.

Sadly their WI lost one of their members, Jackie Austin, on the 31 October 2020 and it was decided that the rose would be a lovely way to remember her too.

Off went the elves to make their deliveries and as is evident in the photos they were happily received by all. It was a joy for the Committee to see their members (of course safely distanced) and to listen to anything they had to say..

Ellendune WI hope you all had a very Happy Christmas and a much better New Year!

- Submitted by Hilary Care, President of Ellendune WI, Wroughton, Wiltshire


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