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How will you be spending Christmas Day?

During the recent WFWI Christmas Celebration (7 December 2020 by virtual Zoom meeting) we were able to pose this question and the answers are:

- In the kitchen!

- Sleeping!

- Quietly with TV accompaniment.

- Eating and drinking too much with my daughter.

- In my bubble(s).

- At home in the in morning opening presents and out for a walk in the afternoon. Main meal in the evening.

- With nearest and dearest cooking din and opening presents x

- Hopefully watching a TV Carol service and enjoying peace and good food together.

- With my husband and daughter and - I hope - with my elder daughter, her partner and my son maintaining an appropriate social distance in the other half of the house!

- Early morning walk followed by mulled wine before noon. Decadent.

- With my younger daughter and family, helping in the kitchen, then games with the grandsons.

- In a very small bubble, him, me and the dog!

- Just the two of us this year but in a cosy home with lots of love.

- Just hubby and myself because of Covid! But will zoom with daughters who are spending it together.

- I'll be with my Mum and Dad and older brother :)

- Looking after my dear husband, remembering very good and precious moments! Happy Xmas everyone!!🎄⛄️🎉🙅‍♀️

- Making merry with my husband, daughter, son, and partners plus our very new grandson of 12 weeks.

- Two church services, then lunchtime with the family. A family zoom in the afternoon and probably a walk and games.

However you may be spending Christmas Day, may it be filled with happiness!


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