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Jump for Joy!

Across the Plain WI have successfully completed a 10,000ft tandem skydive and raised £2,500 on behalf of Alzheimer’s Support their local charity for 2020!

Well done, ladies! Hannah Menzies, and Nitty Nicolls, and Rachel Wilkinson completed this incredible feat on Saturday 12th September 2020.

"It was an absolutely amazing experience, but I don’t mind telling you that it was the scariest thing that I have every done!" reports Rachel, President of Across the Plain WI. "Hannah and Nitty were absolutely brilliant and it was a pleasure to do something completely insane with them both.  Not only did we have the thrill of a lifetime, but we totally thrilled the team at Alzheimer’s Support by smashing our fund-raising target.  Between us, we have raised an amazing £2,500 to date - Woo Hoo!  This was totally unexpected and down to the amazing generosity of our family and friends.  I am so proud of us and our lovely Across the Plain WI. On behalf of Nitty, Hannah, myself and Alzheimer’s Support, a huge THANK YOU! for all your generous donations and fantastic support.  You are all totally awesome!" Just in case you haven’t been able to make a donation to Alzheimer’s Support but would still like to, please note the links to their fundraising pages below.  Thank you for your support. Nitty Nicolls Hannah Menzies Rachel Wilkinson


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