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Kingston St Michael WI visit a local plantation

On Friday 21 August 2020, Kingston St Michael WI visited a local plantation. Norma and Charlie Hughes, have over the years created a wonderful plantation on their land just outside Kington St Michael.

Norma, who is a very longstanding member of KSM WI, invited the members to visit the plantation and bring a picnic.

Twenty one members turned up, parked their cars and set out their picnic chairs in a large circle, duly complying with the distancing rules. The members had a good old catchup before being guided by Norma round the beautiful plantation.

It was a wonderful, really unique and peaceful place with a very interesting collection of trees, including the ‘Katy’ variety of apple. Unfortunately, just as the members arrived back at ‘base’ to start eating their picnics the heavens opened and all had to retreat to their cars. The rain did not ease off so unfortunately they headed for home. Hopefully they will be able to visit again another time.

- Submitted by Nina Beese, Kingston St Michael WI


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