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Membership Training Sessions

Are you interested in doing some WI training in your spare time? The Membership Committee have put together a list of courses that you might be interested in. Please contact your WI Adviser for more information or to sign up.


We run a number of training courses, which are available to all our WIs, please check our events page for upcoming training sessions, alternatively drop us an email so that you can be added to our list for the next session. If we know you would like training, we can organise a session!

Presidents and Secretaries Training

Delivered: virtually or face to face, by WI Advisers and Membership Assistants

Duration: 1.5 to 2hrs

Suitable for: new Presidents and Secretaries, those interested in these roles, or those who would like a refresher

Topics covered:

- Jobs to be done and who by?

- How to engage members and the rest of the committee

- What can you delegate?

- What makes an effective committee?

- What resources are available?

- Communicating and Supporting Members

- How can WI Advisers help you?

Programme Planning

Delivered: face to face, by WI Advisers and Membership Assistants

Duration: 1.5 to 2hrs

Suitable for: Secretaries, Presidents, programme planners, committee members, non- committee members who help programme plan

Topics covered:

- What makes a good programme

- What should you include in your programme

- Where to find ideas for meetings

- A chance to discuss and exchange ideas with other WIs

Treasurers Training

Delivered: face to face and virtually, by the Federation treasurer

Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for: new treasurers, those interested in the role, those who would like a refresher, presidents who want to know more about this role and the responsibilities of the committee re. finance.

Topics covered:

- Managing bank accounts including going online

- Keeping appropriate records and the account book/WI spreadsheets

- Avoiding pitfalls including Charity Commission rules

- Making the most of your money

- Gift Aid

- Support from MyWI


Delivered: face to face and virtually

Duration: 1hr

Suitable for: all members and committee members who want to learn how to get more from MyWI

Topics covered:

- What is MyWI?

- How to log into MyWI

- Resetting passwords

- How to navigate MyWI

- Where to find essential information

- What resources are available?

- How to print documents from MyWI

- How to use the comments function

Coming soon….

Promoting your WI!

We are currently working on a new course, initially it will be delivered virtually. It will aim to inform and arm WIs with the tools and techniques to successfully promote your WI.


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