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Modern Slavery Talk Report

On Monday evening (11th January 2021) Wiltshire Federation had an extremely interesting, if not a little harrowing, talk, via Zoom, on Modern Slavery, by Jeremy Carter from the Medaille Trust.

He explained how he had become involved with this wonderful charity who provide safe homes for victims of slavery. The Trust has homes scattered around the country, so that the rescued victims do not have to stay local to where they have been abused. The cruelty, no, the evilness of the those who take advantage of these people was almost unbelievable.

If you want to find out about it, there is a video on YouTube

These poor people could be right under your nose; in the car wash, nail bar, building site or a pub kitchen, and they are living in squalor, have no money (their masters take it all) and are worked like drudges.

The Medaille Trust was set up by a Nun who wanted to help the dock workers in Southampton. The Trust works with the Police and other agencies to help these poor victims get back on their feet. A lot become addicted to drugs and need to be weaned off. Many, obviously, have mental health issues too, for which they need therapy. These wonderful people help them. As this is one of our resolution mandates this year, please take a look at their website and see how you can help.

Lesley Holdway, WFWI Chair, [email protected]


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