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New Events Announced!

WFWI have announced some upcoming talks to be presented on Zoom and which are listed in bold type below along with all the upcoming events put on by your Federation.

Check out the WHAT'S ON page of this website for more details.

Monday 12 April - Fraud Prevention

Monday 26 April - Inside the World of a TV and Film Extra

Thursday 29 April - Meet the WFWI Board of Trustees

Wednesday 28 April (plus additional dates) - Treasurers' Training

Tuesday 4 May - Celebrating Spring: Japanese Festival of Hanami

Tuesday 11 May (plus additional dates) - Meet the Advisors Part 2

Tuesday 18 May - New Speaker Day

Monday 24 May - The "Real Downton Abbey"

Wednesday 2 June - A Day at the Palace & a Night at the Oscars

Monday 14 June - Bagels and Bacon - Second Helping

Thursday 24 June - Irish International Day

Monday 5 July - Working with the Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace


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