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New Speaker Day Report - May 2023

Sixty WI Members attended the New Speaker Day on Monday 15th May 2023. They were entertained by six speakers ranging from the History of Pantomime, Work of the Fearless Charity, The Live & Loves of the Taxi Driver Poet, A Personal Journey through a 9 year Cycle of growth & renewal, What is Silver Clay, and When Love becomes in a toxic relationship.

A pre-ordered luncheon was provided followed by tea/coffee and a slice of home made cake, which was well received. Daphne Atkinson (New Speaker Secretary) explained how key it was to the Wiltshire Federation that each WI ensures that the event flyers are on display at their meetings. She invited members to take away the relevant event flyers for 2023 and also the holiday flyers for 2024. Holiday places were filling up fast and it is necessary to book as soon as possible if you are interested. Daphne is always looking for more helpers at events and if you are interested please contact her about joining the Events Team.

- Submitted by Daphne Atkinson - WFWI New Speaker Secretary


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