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Steeple Ashton WI Big Green Week

Steeple Ashton WI’s Great Big Green Event was held on Thursday 23rd September and proved a success.

The WI committee felt it was important to draw the attention of the villagers to the Great Big Green Event a nationwide event organised by the Climate Coalition (of which the WI is an important part) to raise attention to the urgent issues of Climate Change and the forth coming COP26. What better way to do this than to meet on the Village Green – and those who could to wear something green (green in colour or in fabric). Image above show visitors to the Steeple Ashton WI’s Great Big Green Event consider the information regarding our part in striving to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

The event was pleasantly well attended and there was much chatter and discussion over cups of tea and biscuits. The WI provided information packs for adults and also for children who stopped by on their way home from the school bus. A petition worded by the Coalition, spelling out the great urgency of the matter was signed by most of those who attended and will be sent to the Prime Minister before the summit in November. We each have a part to play but the government must take the lead in this issue. The sociable event was just another small step in the fight against Climate Change, but well worth the effort.

WI members and villagers enjoying a chat on the village green at the WI’s Great Big Green Event. Committee member Bett Horrox show some village children the information packs the WI provided at their Great Big Green Event.

- Submitted by Rosemary Brett-Green, Steeple Ashton WI

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