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Steeple Ashton WI - Candlelit Vigil

Steeple Ashton WI held a Candlelit Vigil on Thursday 25th November in St Mary's Church Steeple Ashton to show support for the No More Violence Against Women campaign.

They began at 7pm and were handed candles as they entered, then took their seats. At 7pm the lights were turned off, leaving only one of the church's lovely candle chandeliers alight. They sat quietly for an hour, until 8pm. It was a rather peaceful and thought-provoking experience, where they were able to focus on this very important issue as well as how lucky they were to be free from violence.

Steeple Ashton WI produced some information leaflets showing recognised signs for help and they have ensured that all their members have one as well as handing them to others in the community.

Steeple Ashton has done so much over the past 18 months, during the lockdown and on their journey towards a first proper meeting in September. Last year they created newsletters, sent out quizzes, delivered Easter Bunnies and Christmas Cyclamen, and held a Picnic in the Park when they were allowed. This year began by signing up to Zoom and holding meetings and talks via this new medium - for which they feel very pleased to have mastered! The Committee also took it in turns to fill bags made by their members so they could give out a meeting-in-a-bag. In June and July they had their first in-person meetings in their lovely church of St Marys, and in August their customary coffee morning went ahead in their Treasurer's beautiful garden. They had invited Bromham WI (they had lost their meeting venue due to a serious fire) and Steeple Ashton WI thought it might cheer them up - a great time was had by all on a beautiful sunny day and they raised much needed funds. September saw their first proper meeting in their Village Hall, where they had a demonstration of Lebanese cookery. They set out tables like a restaurant and ate the delicious food, all washed down with a glass of wine! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their first social occasion. Steeple Ashton are now planning their Christmas Meeting and they look forward to ending the year with a happy, social evening. Let's hope 2022 will be a better year for us all.

- Submitted by Marian Little - Secretary, Steeple Ashton WI


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