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Thank a Hero Campaign

In June, the Mirror will be running their Thank a Hero Campaign which looks to publicly thank Britain’s grassroots volunteers. Those who have taken time out of their lives to help others, ranging from raising large amounts of money, awareness to a cause or simply picking up their neighbour’s shopping.

They would not only like to highlight the thousands of volunteers who signed up to help with Britain’s Covid-19 response but also all volunteers who have shown a selfless commitment to helping with their community over the past year.

Martha Muir of the Mirror, is reaching out to you to ask whether there are any individuals or groups (in your organisation, or that you have come across) with stories that would suit this campaign that you would like to nominate. Please disseminate this message amongst your WI and members.

If anyone has a nominee in mind, please could they email Martha Muir at [email protected].

Please could you provide a short biography of the work the nominee has been undertaking/why they are being nominated. If you wish to put forward a nomination could you also include their name and age and where they are from.


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