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WFWI ACM Announced!

Save the Date – Saturday 16 October 2021 – 10.30am

Wiltshire Federation Annual Meeting via Zoom

WFWI is delighted to announce that we have two amazing speakers lined up for the Annual Council Meeting, both are really inspiring women -

Tracy Daszkiewicz - the lady who helped save Salisbury during the Novochok crisis. She is the Deputy Director of Population Health & Wellbeing with Public Health England. As you can imagine the last year has also been an extremely busy one for her with a little known virus called Covid-19!

Mary-Jess Leaverland who is from Gloucester, and a soprano. She will tell you her extremely interesting story of how she won China’s version of the X Factor. Her story makes you realise that you can achieve almost any dream you want.

After the success of last year’s virtual Annual Council Meeting we are confident this will be another great event but are once again saddened that we will not be meeting in person. The current difficulty in making even a tentative booking with City Hall, the prohibitive cost if any social distancing is necessary, the very restricted space of the entrance foyer and ongoing uncertainties have all influenced our decision. We hope many of you will be able to buddy up, share computers and be able to enjoy the meeting in the company of other Wi members.

Each WI will receive one free ticket delegate ticket. Additional tickets will be £5 per person NOT per device as has been the case with some other events.

As well as the usual business, on the advice of NFWI, your trustees will be explaining the reasons for proposing that Wiltshire becomes a Charitable Incorporated Organisation rather than an Unincorporated Organisation and asking you to vote on this proposal. You will receive more information about this nearer the time.

We hope you will be as excited as we are with our speakers and that holding this event on a Saturday will allow our many working members the opportunity to join us. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 16th October 2021.

- submitted by Lesley Holdway, Chair of Wiltshire Federation of WIs (WFWI)


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