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What food will you be eating on Christmas Day?

During the recent WFWI Christmas Celebration (7 December 2020 by virtual Zoom meeting) we posed this question and the answers are:

- A duck!

- Jacket potato!!!

- Roast Duck! But I’d prefer an Indian!

- We're having lasagne and garlic bread - Yum!

- Traditional with turkey

- Traditional turkey, followed by Christmas Pud.

- We always have goose, I don't like turkey so we never have it.

- Turkey etc . . . lots of sprouts!!!

- Turkey crown and all the trimmings. Xmas pud custard and cream and mince pie followed by a lovely glass of port!!!

- Curried parsnip soup and lamb cooked in the slow cooker.

- Turkey and cranberry sauce.

- Turkey and hopefully lots of chocolate x

- Turkey of course 🎅

- We're having beef wellington on the day and turkey on Boxing Day.

- My daughter's wonderful sticky toffee pudding!

- Turkey with masses of pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce.

- A small turkey, if there is such a thing, as there will just two of us eating it!!!

- Traditional turkey reared by my son in law on his farm.

- The usual turkey with all the trimmings, my favourite.

- Ours is traditional - turkey and gammon with all the trimmings but not cooked by me! Our son-in-law is chef for the day.

- Don’t know yet hubby hates roasts.

- My nephew-in-law's famous roast turkey and far too many trimming. Comatose till new year!

- Haven't decided yet.

- Turkey and crispy roast potatoes and masses of sprouts.

- Turkey.

And in response to the Global Christmas presentation by Ruth Davies the following chat:

- Has anyone else had carp for their Christmas meal?

- No!!!!

- Not at Christmas, but in Colmar we have - it's horrible all bones and not much flesh!!! never again!

- I have wonderful memories of Christmas in New Zealand. Grilled green lipped mussels, delcious!

- Chicken & chips in Melbourne Airport in 2018 on our way to Tasmania.

Whatever you will be eating, may it be delicious! Have a tasty time this holiday season, however, wherever and with whomever you will be celebrating. Cheers!


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