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August New Speaker Day Report

New Speaker Day

15th August 2022

Over seventy members were welcomed to the New Speaker Day held at the Village Hall Broad Hinton on Monday 15th August 2022. They all arrived and enjoyed a pleasant cup of coffee or tea, and biscuits. Members were then entertained by seven new speakers with subjects ranging from Riding for the Disabled, The Cost of Being a Woman, Loyalty & Intrigue the 50 days after Waterloo, The History Of Toastmasters, Bi-Polar, Journalism and How Writing a Best Selling Novel Helped with Personal Trauma.

At lunchtime many members enjoyed a lunch of jacket potatoes with delicious fillings.

Also members were keen to take away flyers for forthcoming Federation events and some joining the WFWI 50/50 Club.

The day concluded with members voting for the speakers and enjoying the results of the raffle. The next New Speaker Day is set for 28th November 2022 at Broughton Gifford for the final New Speaker Day of 2022.

- Submitted by Daphne Atkinson, WFWI New Speaker Secretary


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