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Bedwyn WI Christmas Lunch

Bedwyn WI enjoyed a jolly Christmas lunch at a local Inn for their December meeting.

President Joy Ash had previously set a challenge to write a limerick and these were read out to much amusement between courses. Here are some of them:

There was an old woman from Bedwyn

Whose garden was doing her head in.

So with no more ado

She waved “Toodle- oooh”

And moved on with her books and her bedding.

Along at the WI

The members decided to try

Every flavour of cake

That the ladies could bake

They exploded of course! Goodbye

A group of women from Bedwyn

Had Christmas lunch at The Pelican

They drank some wine

And had a good time

Then staggered off home to bed again.

So I joined the WI

At the behest of Helen and Di

I’m no good at baking

But shouldn’t be faking

With ready-made items I buy!

There was an old Lancashire lass

Who sometimes felt out of her class

But she never could deny

When meeting with WI

That many good things came to pass.

There was a lady from the USA

Moved over to Bedwyn here to stay.

She knew no-one here

But soon it was clear

The WI’S welcome made her day!

- Submitted by Elise Younger, Bedwyn WI


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