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Lockdown Life - Pewsham Belles WI

Pewsham Belles WI has been operating successfully as a virtual WI and limited face to face meeting within the guidance, plus they've sent regular emails and four care packs stuffed with goodies to raise spirits and keep in touch with all their members. In addition, they have produced Lockdown Life, a magazine filled with member's content.

The first edition was featured on BBC Wiltshire radio in June, and also formed part of Chippenham Museum's COVID-19 exhibition, late last year, with a special mention of Pewsham Belles WI in the display interpretation information.

For the first edition, each member was invited to keep a diary of the day when their Our Town subgroup should have met, namely 6th May. This group looks at all aspects of Chippenham, so the activity was a neat way of keeping the group going and involving more members than usual, including those who - for various reasons - chose not to participate in their now virtual WI. The invitation to take part was included in the first care pack that went out to all members in May and the response from them was amazing.

It was going to be a one-off edition... but Sarah Drew Jones' talk about WI Life under lockdown at WI Wanderers was an inspiration and sparked the idea for another issue with the theme 'Favourite Things'. It's packed with members' stories, photos and things to do to keep them all occupied in the latest lockdown.

It's been a brilliant way of involving as many of Pewsham Belles members as possible during these times and it is hoped that more people can enjoy the results! The images shown are some photos of the first magazine on display in Chippenham Museum, which is also shown on the back cover of the second magazine. Note that the paper flowers also seen in the display were made during one of our craft sessions on Zoom!

Both issues are available online.

Lockdown Life, First Edition Lockdown Life, Second Edition (two parts)

- Submitted by Michelle Chapman, Editor Lockdown Life, Webmaster Pewsham Belles WI


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