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New Speaker Day Topics Announced

Are you curious about the topics for the next New Speaker Day?

The next New Speaker Day is going to be held on Tuesday 22 March 2022 from 10:30am to 4pm at the Kington Langley Village Hall. This is an opportunity to hear and give your opinion on applicants for the Speakers List.

Here are the topics for the March New Speaker Day:

  • Afghanistan : A Mother`s Story / Readings from a Poetry Collection

  • Antique Lace Making

  • History of Goat's Milk and what it is used for

  • Derbyshire Well Dressings

  • Love & Marriage: A Registrar's Story

  • Pooh Bear: An example to us all

  • Understanding Dementia and Becoming a Dementia Friend

There were also be a raffle so remember to bring some coins.

It is permissible for a WI to pay for the Programme Secretary to attend. Orders for filled jacket potatoes MUST be paid for in advance at £5 per person. You may still bring your own packed lunch.

Please forward any queries to Daphne Atkinson, New Speaker Secretary [email protected] or to Stephanie Pawling, Federation Secretary [email protected]


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