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New Speaker Morning Review

On Monday 4 October 2021

approximately 72 members attended the final Zoom New Speaker Morning for 2021. Members were entertained by four speakers with topics ranging from Indian Cooking & Spices, The Importance of lasting power of Attorney, Roman Women In & Outside the Home, and An Introduction to Technology to Bridge the Digital Divide. At the end of the morning members were able to vote for the speakers suitability for insertion into the online speaker listings.

Daphne Atkinson, New Speaker Secretary thanked members for their support of the Zoom New Speaker Mornings during 2021, and then outlined the final Federation Events Programme details for 2021. She then shared some 2022 events which included the live New Speaker Day date of Tuesday 22nd March 2022 at Kington Langley Village Hall where she hope to welcome everyone with an exciting list of eight new speakers.

- Submitted by Daphne Atkinson - WFWI New Speaker Secretary

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