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Resolution Selection Meeting

The Resolution Selection Meeting date has been announced: Wednesday 2 December

2020 at 2.00pm! It will give WI members a chance to discuss issues which affect our lives and those of others. If you are interested in knowing what issues will be put forward as a resolution then join the discussion of the 2021 resolutions before casting your vote.

Make sure your WI is involved and your members informed. The discussion will take place virtually via Zoom video conferencing and all members are invited. Codes for access to the meeting will be sent out ahead of time. The cost of £3 is per device requiring a Zoom meeting code for attendance. If you are able to group members successfully while social distancing (depends on Government regulations at the time) then it is possible to share the meeting with more than one WI member using one device. Be a Digital Buddy to someone in your WI and invite them over to participate in the discussion.

Check out the WHAT'S ON tab for more information and an enquiries link for this event.


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