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Taking care of their village - Atworth WI

Atworth WI do a monthly group litter pick around the village, with ad hoc and individual efforts at other times. Recently they have had to deal with fly-tipping in the lay-bys at either end of the village. They took on this role when the previous Village Caretaker retired a number of years ago, and no individual came forward to take on the job. It is gratifying when passers-by take the trouble to stop and thank us, or to remark how tidy the village always looks.

Does your WI do a group litter pick to tidy up your village? Did you know that the WI had a resolution almost 70 years ago called Keep Britain Tidy?

"With its roots in rural life, protection of the countryside has always been important to the WI and it was a resolution in 1954 that brought about one of the WI’s most significant initiatives.

This resolution called for a campaign to ‘preserve the countryside against desecration by litter,’ and subsequently led to the formation of the Keep Britain Tidy group." (NFWI website

- Submitted by Pam Loosmore - Atworth Secretary and WFWI Vice Chair


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