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WFWI June 2024 Mailings

Wiltshire Federation of WIs June, July, and August Events include:

-Intro to Sashiko - Saturday 8th June 2024

-New Speakers Day June 2024 - Wednesday 12th June 2024

-Treasurers Training - Tuesday 18th June or Monday 15th July 2024

-Officers Training 2024 - Tuesday 18th June 2024 or Wednesday 26th June 2024

-Office365 Training - 20th June 2024

-Bags of Glamour - Friday 12th July 2024

-Walking in Wiltshire - Friday 19th July 2024

-Blackwork Workshop - Friday 19th or Saturday 20th July 2024

-Egypt in Crimea - Tuesday 13th August 2024.

Please click on the event name for the booking link or you can also check out the other events on the WHAT'S ON page of the website.

WFWI flyers distributed this month also include: 

-Event Summary Flyer June 2024

-News Info Sheet June 2024

-Calendar Order 2025

-Wiltshire Glyndebourne Traviata Holiday October 2024

-Chateaux, Art and Gardens of Normandy Holiday April 2025

All the above flyers are available for download on the REPORTS & DOCUMENTS page of the website.

New events announced include:  

-Walking in Wiltshire - Friday 19th July 2024

These event flyers are available for download on the FLYERS page of the website. You will be able to book online through the TryBooking links or you can contact your WI Secretary and she can book your WI as a group. If the event flyer is not found please contact the WI office.

The new issue of Wiltshire Federation's e-zine WOW (What's On in Wiltshire) is now available. If you have subscribed to receiving issues you will find a link to your digital copy in your email inbox. If you would like to receive WOW and you do not already have a subscription please contact the Federation Secretary.

Please contact the Federation Secretary [email protected] if you have questions about the flyers, events, deadlines, and booking issues.


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