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WFWI May 2021 Mailings

Check your email inbox for the most recent news, events and information from your Federation - WFWI. Details have also been posted on the WFWI website to make it easy to view.

There are many new events that have been planned for the coming months on Zoom virtual meetings and can be also be found on the WHAT'S ON page of the website.

Lockdown Life tells of some of the activities Wiltshire WIs have reported on the past few months and there is a News & Information Sheet that gives more information on the new events, subscription fees, payments/ticketing and more. Check these out on the REPORTS & DOCUMENTS page of the website which can be found in the footer on all the WFWI website pages.

Remember, if your WI has done an event which you don't mind sharing with other WIs in Wiltshire on the website, then send an email to [email protected] with information of the event and a photo. Make sure that you have people's permission if you're sending in a photo with people in it. Also, if you have upcoming events that you would like to promote then also email with information and the flyer. Thank you.


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