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What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

During the recent WFWI Christmas Celebration (7 December 2020 by virtual Zoom meeting) we were able to pose this question and the answers are:

- Kissing under the mistletoe

- Getting together with family around the table

- Making christingles for the village carols concert

- Drinking Glühwein 🎅

- Going to see all the Christmas lights

- Carol singing locally

- Present opening rituals, no main presents before lunch

- A large sherry while cooking the Christmas dinner!

- New pyjamas Christmas Eve

- Mulled cider

- Decorating the Christmas tree

- Children opening their stockings on Christmas morning

- Mince pies with brandy cream

- 4 x advent candles each Sunday to xmas

- Putting up fairy lights and going to xmas eve midnight church service

- Reading "Twas the night before Christmas" before bed on Christmas Eve

- Eating chocolate in bed before getting up on Christmas morning

- Getting together

- Joining the family at the Christingle Service on Christmas Eve

- Hand made crackers ...everyone having 20p in their pudding whatever it is in our house!

- Dressing the tree with grandchildren then completely rearranging it when they go home!!!

- Icing the cake on Christmas Eve at 3pm and listening to 9 lessons and Carols from Kings. -- - Watching Santa fly round the world delivering presents on the NORAD Santa Tracker

- Taking it in turns to open presents

- When I played in a brass band: carol playing. In my memory it never rained and we never got cold and frequently got offered drinkies and nibbles!

- Happy Xmas to all. Love to see the family at festive time.

- Singing Silent Night when we've finished decorating the tree.

Do you have traditions similar to these? There are so many variations on the Christmas theme and not every year we can carry out the same traditions, especially this year. Hold on to those traditions you are able to do and find slight variations on the ones which mean something special to you. Have a Happy Christmas!


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