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Membership Team

Recent communication with the WI Presidents and Secretaries are available by clicking here.

We are an enthusiastic and dynamic group of women, who bring a wealth of WI experience to the role of ‘WI Adviser’. The Membership Committee consists of five WI Advisers, and two membership assistants.

What is a WI Adviser?


An Adviser’s main responsibilities are to:

• form new WIs and help grow existing groups

• promote the WI at outside events

• visit other WIs and attend meetings

• plan and run training sessions

  (such as public speaking, training treasurers and helping secretaries and presidents in their role)

• support struggling WIs and suspend WIs when necessary

• keep the Federation informed of WI activities and opinions

A Membership Assistant can be;

• A retired WI Adviser who still helps on the membership committee.

• A prospective WI Adviser / a member learning about the role.

• A Trainee Adviser gaining experience


We aim to visit each WI across Wiltshire once every two years; we can help with running AGMs, the proposal and adopting of Byelaws amongst various other things! We aim to ensure that all WI Members are getting value for money and enjoying their WI experience by making the most of the range of activities available to them.

How can a WI Adviser help you and your WI?

We can help you and your WI with a variety of things, for example;

• Would you like to attract new members?

• Do you need inspiration for your programme?

• Are you confused by the constitution?

• Are you having trouble navigating MyWI?

• Are you baffled by the resolution process?

• Do you need assistance with conflict resolution?

• Do you want to adopt a bye-law?

Please see our workshop list for more information on available training. Also, for further information on WI assistance check out the post

What is WI Adviser is not…

• We are not here to “check-up” or “audit” you

• We are not spies for NFWI

• We are not grading you!

• We are not the WI Police!

• We are not here to tell you what or how to do things … we provide advice, knowledge and assistance and will work with you!


Did you know- every WI in Wiltshire has a dedicated WI Adviser.

If you have any queries, you can contact us at the emails detailed under our photos.

For urgent matters please call the WFWI Office on 01380 739340 380

This sounds like an interesting role…. How do I find out more?

If this sounds like a role you think you might enjoy, please get in contact with our Membership Committee Chair- Chris Walker, for more information. You can attend one our committee meetings to see how we operate. You will be invited out on WI visits with us so you become more familiar with the role. There is also in-house training available, which acts as a precursor to the NFWI WI Adviser Training. We recommend you shadow our WI Advisers for a few months, and take part in some of the key activities to help you get a feel for the role and gain experience.

There is no prerequisite length of membership served or to have held committee positions previously. We welcome members with a variety of skills and life experiences. If you are enthusiastic about being a WI member, if you enjoy meeting like-minded women and if enjoy problem solving and have new ideas then we would love to hear from you! More information on the role is also available on MyWI.


We welcome new members to the Membership Committee!

WI Adviser Training

NFWI offer training for WI Advisers, the course is a NVQ Level 3.

The course covers four modules:

• Communication Skills

• Understanding the WI

• Money Matters

• WI Activities

The training has recently changed to be a “blended learning course”. There are two face-to-face residential sessions, in which you will get to meet your training cohort, discuss ideas and do group work. The “theory” is delivered virtually via webinars held over a mix of daytime and evening sessions; this means that training is more accessible to members with work and caring commitments. The WI has its own training platform, where you will find all the resources you will need. There are a number of assessments to complete as part of course. These range from reading comprehension activities, mini-essays on how to resolve typical WI scenarios, creating WI publicity material and completing mock financial records. Check out the post for more information on the current training sessions.

This is all paid for jointly by the Federation and NFWI, so the only cost to you in your time. There is also a very active Facebook support group; this is closed group for Advisors and those on their training journey. Therefore, you are never alone and can exchange ideas with others across the country!

To read about a WI Adviser's journey check out the post submitted by Amy Middleton by clicking here.

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