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Review - Hampton Court Ghosts

Working with Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace via Zoom

Over 28 members attended the talk on Monday 5th July 2021 on Working with Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace by Sarah Slater

Daphne welcomed members and guests, and reminded everyone that no pictures were allowed to be taken as per Sarah's request. Sarah explained that she was a Tour Guide at Hampton Court Palace and we were all able to see her wearing her full length black Victorian mourning attire with a high neck and long sleeves. She explained that she made all her own costumes and this one she always wears complete with bonnet veil and gloves on the evening Ghost Tours which she has done for 13 years.

Her presentation showed us around the Palace high-lighting where certain ghosts have been identified such as Dame Sibel Penn known as the Dry Nurse to Henry VIII's children James, Mary and Elizabeth, who then became a helper to Elizabeth when she became Queen. She unfortunately died years later from smallpox. There have also been some sightings identified as Queen Anne Boleyn and many visitors have experienced hearing screams from Catherine Howard Henry's fifth wife as she was beheaded in the tower. Daphne thanked Sarah and then reminded all attendees of forthcoming events and the necessity to book early for events. Events can now be booked on line via the Try Booking platform although other methods are still ongoing via BACS or cheques. Daphne closed the event by thanking everyone and hoping to see them again shortly.

- Submitted by Daphne Atkinson WFWI Events Chair


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