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Show the Love 2021 Event Announced

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

7.00pm - 8.30pm Via Zoom

How can we get to net zero by 2050?

Speaker: Nikki Jones, Avon Needs Trees

Trees are essential for tackling climate change - they take carbon out of the atmosphere! Find out about a new project at Seend, creating a public space with a mix of meadow, pond, community orchard and new woodland - a walk in the wood is good for health too!

If you are interested in attending this virtual presentation please contact your WI secretary. Registration form are available on this website or by contacting the Federation Secretary at [email protected]. The cost is £5.00 per device and the closing date for registration is Tuesday 16th February 2021. Please send enquiries to Susan Jonas on 01747 820616

(no ticket sales) or email [email protected].


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