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Summer Loving in a Box!

Members from Across the Plain WI put together an amazing “Summer Loving in a Box” event for August.  They decided to do this as they were taking a break in August (for the first time in their short history) and wanted to give their members a special treat and boost morale during these strange times.

Basically the “Summer Loving in a Box" included an afternoon tea with homemade cakes, a summer quiz, a letter from Rachel Wilkinson (ATP President) and a bespoke face mask just for Across the Plain WI members which included their iconic logo of the Leaping Hare.  

As you can see from the reactions of some of their members - it was a lovely surprise and a great success!  "I’m so glad that we did it!" said President Rachel.

If you have an event that your WI enjoyed and you would like to share, please send a photo and description to [email protected] for inclusion on the website.


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