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Tytherton WI Speaker Announced - Animal Conservation

Tytherton WI has announced their March Zoom meeting speaker which will take place on

Wednesday 17th March 2020 at 8.00pm.

The speaker is Trudie Strait, who is involved in animal conservation activities and has carried out a number of roles in a variety of countries. To date she has been involved in elephant conservation in Thailand, orangutang conservation in Borneo, shark conservation in South Africa, and has also spent time in Cambodia working at a child support centre and has helped instal water filtration in the shanty towns of Cambodia. Trudie uses her practical experience from her travels to inform interested parties on the particular elements of conservation.

Please email Sandra Barnard on [email protected] to obtain your Zoom invite and payment details. Cost is £3.00 to be paid to Tytherton WI.


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