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What ideas do you have for quick handmade decorations?


During the recent WFWI Christmas Celebration (7 December 2020 by virtual Zoom meeting) we were able to pose this question and the answers are:

- Try the reindeer on MyWI craft pages. Fun to make.

- I liked the paper star in last year's WI life.

- Go to Felicity's crafts on you tube, lots of easy crafts for Christmas.

- Felicity's origami Santa workshop was so easy and no glue. Stand alone or with a little ring added put on tree.

- A polystyrene cone, wrap in green wool add a few sparkles . . . a little Christmas tree!

- Two wire hangers covered in tinsel and baubles very easy but effective.

- Hand made Christmas Crackers from toilet rolls and Christmassy materials

- Last years cards cut in circles, marked lines for pentagon crease and staple into Christmas balls.

- Pick some of the dead hydrangea flower heads, mix with evergreens and then spray with artificial snow. The display lasts till New Year.

- Not an easy one but I enjoyed a whole evening, and a drink, putting together a Moravian Advent star, now proudly hanging up and shining out a bedroom window!

Try one of these suggestions or have a look online for other Christmas display ideas. You might even be able to use items you already have in your home and create a masterpiece that you bring out each year. Have a Crafty Christmas!


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